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Used car: The value of a used car

Determine used car's condition

Car advices: Used car: The value of a used car

The value of a used car is based on its condition, mileage, reliability, performance and popularity. Of course you want a car that is reliable and performs well.

Used car shopping will involve inspecting the car to determine its condition. This process is simplified if you buy a certified used car that has passed a thorough inspection and is backed by a manufacturer's warranty. But while buying a certified used car removes a lot of the guesswork about the car's mechanical condition, you pay for this service.

There are two circumstances in which you may not have a right to complain to the dealer:

  • The dealer specifically drew the used car’s defects to your attention before you bought it. You may still be able to make a complaint if, for example, the dealer said the clutch was stiff when in fact it was worn through. If the dealer did not point out the full extent of the defects, they are still liable for those they missed. However, the dealer does not have to say anything about the car’s condition at all
  • You inspected the car before you bought it and should have noticed the defects. However, if you didn't notice the defects, you could try arguing that you examined the vehicle as a layperson and could not be expected to spot mechanical or structural defects.

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