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Used car: Checklist

Prepare yourself with information

Car advices: Used car: Checklist

Like any used car buyer, you would like the best deal when buying a used car. To do this you can prepare yourself with information that is everywhere available using our checklist for buying used car.


  • Choose the right used car for you by making sure the car suits your needs.
  • Consider all used cars in the class you have chosen and make a target list of three cars.
  • Look up the car on websites and check its reliability and consumer reviews.
  • Check the websites TMV price on the car you want to buy (adjusted for mileage, options, color and region).
  • If you are financing the car, use the payment calculators to determine the monthly payment for the car you want to buy.
  • Decide how you are going to finance your car. If you are going through a bank, online lender or credit union, obtain loan approval before you start shopping.
  • Search websites Used Vehicle Listings and other online classifieds for the used car you've decided to buy.
  • Call the seller and verify the pertinent information. Get the VIN and run a vehicle history report.
  • Test-drive the used car under your normal driving conditions, and test-drive it on highway.
    Take the car to a mechanic if it is not certified by the manufacturer.
  • Negotiate your best deal.
  • Read the contract carefully before signing and always make sure you get a clean title.
  • Contact the Internet department and simultaneously solicit quotes from multiple dealers.
  • If you are buying through a dealer over the Internet, ask the salesperson to fax you a worksheet showing all the prices, taxes and fees.
  • Bring your worksheet with you to the dealership so you can compare these numbers to the figures on the contract.
  • Inspect the car for dents, dings and scratches before taking final delivery.

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Follow this advice on your own risk. Advices presented on this page are tips for long running car.
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