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How to save fuel: How to save money on gas

Reduce gas consumption

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Fuel prices always jump and many car drivers are asking themselves how they could reduce the cost of gas. For this reason we would like to share with you some useful tips to help you economically, and even safer, you are driving your car.

As fuel prices steadily rising, in the general interest that fuel consumption is as little as possible. Some types of cars never lose their economical fuel for engine design and high body weight. Larger engines typically have higher fuel consumption and smaller, and if the car is heavier, it needs more power and starting it. The more force required, the greater the fuel consumption.

There are many ways to the get the most of your fuel tank. Some will ask you for more or less change in driving style and some only pay attention to the little things. The following tips and advices we will present some techniques that we tried it on the road and that we have brought significant results in terms of economy of fuel consumption.

Read out our tips how to save money on gas:


If you plan to travel to Europe check out fuel prices.

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Follow this advice on your own risk. Advices presented on this page are tips for long running car.
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