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How to save fuel: Use your brakes properly

There is no reason to suddenly accelerate

Car advices: How to save fuel: Use your brakes properly

The car consumes the most fuel when accelerating, and consumes much less fuel when moving at a constant rate (due to inertia force that pulls him forward).

This means that the "gentle" also the most economical driving. There is no reason to suddenly accelerate to in a moment suddenly inhibit. If you are sure you will find that a bit is not hard to avoid such situations, especially in urban traffic jams.

If you are in town you only need to hold a little greater distance from the front of your vehicle and pay attention to traffic ahead. If you see that car in front of you (not only first but also those in front of it) inhibit, or at the traffic light turns red light, there is no point to accelerate. Just let the gas and the vehicle will be stopped in time. This is not only economical but also more secure, and traffic lights in town are usually set to be at the next traffic light turns green light for as long as you need to get it moving in a prescribed speed.

The open road is usually not crowded or traffic lights, but it is important to pay attention to the road ahead. If you experience the climb speed up before it, not when you climb. This way of driving can save 10% to 20% fuel. Remember, when you suddenly freezes, you spent fuel needlessly.

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