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Car battery is one of the most important electrical devices in your car and therefore it should be periodically monitored. Most often the battery poles to create oxide layers, especially on the plus clamp that poor conductor of electricity in both directions, or when it gives power and when it receives from the dynamo alternator.

Every car today contains a rechargeable 12-volt battery. This battery powers everything electrical: the engine's control computer, the ignition system, the radio, the headlights, etc. So the battery is vital to the car's operation. So, if the clamp was too oxidized to be soaked along with straps, with warm water or tepid solution of baking soda and wait to go. Then it should be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned with fine sand paper. The clamp should be cleaned the same way and before you fix the clamp to put some glycerin.

It is necessary to control the level of electrolytes, especially during the summer because then the water evaporates and the board can stay dry. The electrolyte level must be 10 to 15 mm above the plate, only to pour distilled water is poured, because if ordinary water can lead to self-discharge or destruction of cells.

Like all batteries, a car's 12-volt battery would eventually go dead if it were not recharged, so your car has a built-in recharging system. Most cars have an alternator, along with a voltage regulator, that keeps the battery charged and also provides electricity to the vehicle when the engine is running. A typical alternator can put out between 500 and 1,000 watts when necessary.

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