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Driving on legal drugs

Should always be taken properly

Car advices: Driving on legal drugs

Prescription or over the counter medicines should always be taken properly. Advice about this is provided on the packaging and in the patient information leaflet supplied and packed in with the medicine. Advice can also be obtained from whoever has prescribed the medicine, or from the pharmacist who dispenses it.


The NHTSA report says, "Determining which drugs and dosage levels impair driving related skills is a large undertaking given the number of potentially impairing drugs. NHTSA has convened an expert panel to begin identifying methods for assessing impairment..."


Some prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines can have an effect on the skills needed to drive safely. These effects include drowsiness, impaired judgement and a lack of self-confidence. These effects can be more profound if medicine is not taken properly. If doses are varied or medicine is taken at the wrong time or too frequently. The effects can be short term and temporary, so it should be possible to avoid any risk of driving unsafely.

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