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Driving in winter on ice

Driving on ice, snow, mud and slush

Car advices: Driving in winter on ice

Driving in winter means driving on ice, snow, mud and slush... or any driving in the winter and other bad conditions. Hear are some advices and tips to prevent possible accidents and how so many wasps safe driving in winter on ice, and similar hazardous areas.

Increase the distance - the first preventive measure you can do is increase the gap between cars. How much depends on road conditions, traffic density and speed at which you move. In any case, increase the distance several times in relation to the vehicle ahead of you because you will also reduce the possibility of multiple collisions.

Gas - Driving on on winter and ice is very different than driving on dry roads. When movement does not squeeze the accelerator and do not release the clutch quickly, but gently, gently. When accelerating the speed of change at lower revs, and while driving drive slower, more cautious and keep the vehicle at lower revs than normal because with less power and less chance of a traffic accident. Also, just remember the sudden movements of a particular turn for you it may cost you dearly. Anticipate the situation in front of you, think two moves ahead, because it can save your head.

Braking - When you diving on winter and ice you forget to brake. What is possible brake machine, or slow down changing from a higher to a lower speed. This significantly reduces traction and vehicle movement in an undesirable direction. Only during the final stop using the brakes, but even then with caution. Do not rely on ABS and other braking systems, prefer to trust yourself and anticipate the situation. On the ice, and technology does not help much.

Tyres - said the "rubber keeps your head", which can be fully applied to the road. Quality winter tires will greatly help you better movement on the road. In doing so, make sure tire pressure is too low, as is often the case during the winter months. Check the pressure at the nearest gas station. If you have good winter tires, still be careful because they will spin, but will be shorter stopping distances than other types of tires.

Patience - Take the road earlier than planned and you arm yourself with patience. Nowadays everybody is somewhere in a hurry, which especially can be very fatal in these extreme conditions. It is better to arrive at the destination later (and even much later), but did not arrive.

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