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Leather steering wheel cleaning

How to maintenance leather steering wheel

Car advices: Leather steering wheel cleaning

Leather steering wheels are found on all sorts of cars. Leather wheels tend to last for a long time, but they will show premature wear if not taken care of properly.

But first, here is a test to see if your leather can be saved.

Use a PH neutral cleaner and a small nylon brush (eg. toothbrush) try someting like simple green or fantastic. Then gently rub the area.

If it improves, then you are home free, finish up with some conditioner.

If not, then it is likely that the dye has been removed and the color has to be redyed again, that in the job of an interior shop.
You might get it done with the first option.

Weekly and monthly leather steering wheel maintenance is recommended to keep your leather wheel in perfect shape for years to come.

  • First, wipe down the leather surface of the steering wheel using the leather wipes. Allow the wheel to air dry. This should be done once a week to remove oils transferred from your dirty hands.
  • Second, apply a quarter-size dollop of the leather lotion onto the center of the application pad. Rub the lotion into the leather steering wheel using a circular motion clockwise.
  • At the end, wipe off any excess lotion from the steering wheel using a microfiber towel.

If you want to have nice and clean steering wheel and healthy leather on it repeat first and second step monthly to maintain the leather.

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