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How to protect car's paint: Car waxing

Car wax preserves paint by slowing oxidation

Car advices: How to protect car's paint: Car waxing

The paint, body and interior have twice as much time marinating in the elements to lose that factory-fresh ­patina and start looking like crap. Car wax preserves paint by slowing oxidation and forming a barrier against bird droppings, sap, and pollution. If you decide to wax the car yourself, make sure you start with a clean car and never work in direct sunlight on a hot day.

Here’s what to do to protect car's paint by waxing it:

  • Before beginning the job, examine the paint closely for chips and scratches and touch them up. Touch-up paint is available at most auto supply stores for the most popular paint colors. If you can't find your color there, check with your new car dealer.
  • Make sure that you wipe the paint off the bottle before you put the lid back on or you will never get it off again.
  • Liquid and spray waxes are tempting to use because they make the car shiny with less work than rubbing in paste wax. There is still no beating paste car wax for the hardest, longest-lasting finish. Look for paste with a high carnauba wax content.
  • Apply a thin coat of wax to the car’s surfaces with a damp sponge. Avoid applying too much, or it will be difficult to remove and some residue will inevitably mar your finish.
  • To avoid fine scratches, use a clean and soft cotton or microfiber cloth to remove wax once it has dried.
  • Apply an extra coat of car wax to the nose and hood. The wax film in these areas wears away quickly.


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