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Summer vacation car tips

Check out your vehicle!

Summer vacation driving

If you're planning a long trip with your car this is what should you do first.

First consider certified automotive technician to inspect your car. Even if the automotive technician says everything checks out fine, there is always the possibility of car trouble on summer vacation.

Let the tehnician inspect brakes and all other regular maintenance, because brakes are your most important safety feature. Drive your car to inspection in two weeks before your trip to have your brakes checked. Brakes should be serviced if needed. Regular inspection means that tehnician will check your oil levels, belts and hoses and air or a/c filters.
The next thing is tires inspection. Be sure that tires are inflated to optimal pressure. You can do it by yourself with a tire gauge.
The summer could be very hot so A/C service is needed. Heat in your car could distract you so test your air conditioning system before you leave and be sure it can cool air to ~50 degrees Fahrenheit. The most common AC issue is low refrigerant levels, leaks or dirty filters. Save some fuel with right air conditition maintenance.
Don't miss coolant and radiator check. It’s crucial that your engine can take the heat so prevent breakdowns by having your engine coolant replaced and your radiator serviced.
You should pack as lightly as you can. If you do you'll avoid adding unnecessary load on your tires. In this scenario you should even save some gas.
Don’t forget to leave room for an emergency kit in the case something does go wrong. Your kit should include:

  • first aid kit
  • flashlight
  • gloves
  • rain gear
  • jumper cables
  • a toolkit
  • radiator fluid or water
  • fix-a-flat
  • food and drinkable water
  • road flares or warning signals
  • fire extinguisher (it's very handy if you go car camping)

Never forget having spare tire, a jack, and tire iron.

Drive safe! Don't hurry, and take your time!

Enjoy your summar vacation.

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Follow this advice on your own risk. Advices presented on this page are tips for long running car.
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