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Funny car cleaning tricks that works!

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Here some funny tips about washing your car and its elements with the stuff you have at home. Mostly you will need just baking soda, water, vinegar etc. Some of them are really funny but all of them works!


Try this advices and your car will shine this spring!


  • If you want your car to shine wash it with - hair conditioner! It must contain lanolin. The car will be shine like waxed!
  • Clean car ashtrays and eliminate cigarette smell with - baking soda! Put some baking soda in ashtray and it will deodorize your car and prevent it from smelling like your grannma.
  • Freshen the car carpet with - baking soda or carpet deodorizer! Let set for 30 minutes, then use vacuum cleaner.
  • Wash dirty windshield with - cola! First use a towel to protect hood paint, then put some cola on windshield glass. After few moment quickly wash cola off the glass, and clean it with water. It's hard to belive but you can also use feminine hygiene maxi-pads to make your windshield shiny! Anyway this tricks will get you very shiny windshield!
  • Clean your built-up acid on car battery with - baking soda! Mix baking soda and wather and spritz it onto battery connectors or terminals. Sponge off and air dry.
  • If you ran out of windshield washing fluid use - vodka! The cheapsest you can find. Mix it in proportion of 3 units of votka, 4 units of water and put 2-4 teaspoons of liquid dishwashing detergent.
  • If your licence plate is beginning to rust restore it with - WD-40! Just spray it and wipe with a clean rag.
  • If you want your headlights to shine use - window cleaner! Rub it with old rag.
  • Clean ink stains on the leather with - cuticle remover! Do not use nail polish remover! Put some on the stain and let it dry from twenty minutes to morning. Wipe it off then.
  • You can clean your windshield and other car windows with - baby wipes! Simple as that!
  • If you want to clean dashboard to details use - soft painbrush! It gets into all the holes!
  • Clean your leather steering wheel with - PH neutral cleaner. If it works, then you are home free, finish up with some conditioner.
  • When you drive on unpaved "oil roads" and you windshild get dirty you can use - sprinkle cream of tartar! Then wipe it with soapy water and dry.
  • Make your own no-wax washer with 1 cup kerosene to a 3-gallon pail filled with water! Sponge the mixature over your car and just watch!
  • Remove chewing gum on carpeting and old bumper stickers with - white vinegar! Apply full strenght vinegar on the area and set it for few minutes. Use something hard ti scrape it off.


That's it! Read other car cleaning tips!

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Follow this advice on your own risk. Advices presented on this page are tips for long running car.
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