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Car tips'n'tricks: Advices for safe drive, how to save fuel, buy used car, maintenance you vehicle, buy new car and advices long lasting car.
Car maintenance: 10000 miles (15000 km) After 10000 miles (15000 km) should be controlled carburetor, cleaned it eventauly, aggregates on the motor car, belts that run aggregates.
Car maintenance: After 20000 miles (30000 km) and more After 20000 miles (30000 km) and more should be controlled starter, clean it and lubricate it, replace oil in the transmission and differential as well as brake system. After 30000 miles (40000 km) inspect every v-belt and eventually replace it. After 40000 miles (60000 km) Check and replace the alternator liquid cooling system (or every other year).
Car maintenance: After 6000 miles (10000 km) After 6000 miles (10000 km) should be controlled: gearbox oil condition, ignition coils, ignition distributor, spark plugs, valves, v-belt, air filter, tire condition, wheel bolts, door locks, change engine oil and oil filter
Car maintenance: After every 3000 miles (5000 km) After every 3000 miles (5000 km) should be controlled: state electrolyte in the battery, whether the terminals on the battery oxided, brake condition, thickness of brake pads, if necessary, change the oil in the engine, check the fluid in the cooling system

Finding right Car owner's manual

Auto owner's manual online

Finding right Car owner's manual An car owner's manual or instruction manual is an instructional book or booklet that is supplied with almost all technologically advanced consumer products of cars.

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